Power V Face Slimming & Lifting Color Light Therapy

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Reduce chubby face and double chin with Power V Face Slimming & Lifting Color Light Therapy. This wonderful beauty device can effectively tighten your face and enhance facial contours. End result is a sharper jawline and a V face contour like Korean Celebrities! 


  • Stable performance: red and blue LED lights in various wavelengths can provide multi-purpose effective LED photon therapy to give off beneficial energy for healthier, firmer and brighter skin.
  • High frequency vibration massage: effectively activate skin cells metabolism to accelerate the skin repairing and strengthen the skin elasticity for facial lifting and tightening effect.
  • Adopts EMS microcurrent: activate the deep muscle cells and boost the production of collagen, effectively helping to reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, tighten the skin and improve the absorption efficiency.
  • Soothing 42℃ heating: enhance tissue regeneration process to open up the pores and improve the absorption of cream, lotion and other skin care products to leave your skin soft & plump.
  • Infrared physiotherapy: promote blood circulation, restore enzyme activity, curb inflammation to prevent acne and other skin conditions.
  • Support simple button control and remote control: flexible intensity levels adjustment and working modes switch, instant power on and off, convenient to operate with one hand even after you wear the belt.
  • Versatile: folding design V-shape lift belt with high elastic strap and adjustable buckle can widely suit different head sizes for perfect fit.
  • Support timer function: it will automatically shut down after 15 minutes working to avoid over use, energy saving and practical.
  • Lightweight and portable: can be directly powered by USB charging, you can enjoy a wireless use anytime and anywhere, suitable for both home and travel use. 
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White/Red
  • Charging Voltage: DC 3.7~5.0V
  • Rated Power: 3.5W
  • Working Mode: 6 Modes
  • Intensity Level: Level 1-10
  • Red Light Wavelength: 630nm
  • Blue Light Wavelength: 470nm
  • Heating Temperature: 42℃
  • Timer: Auto Shut off After 15 Minutes Operation

[LED Functions]

  • Red (630nm)  

Help increase blood circulation and stimulate skin cells to produce collagen and speed up metabolism, making your skin firm and shiny with a smooth texture.

  • Blue (470nm)

Inhibit acne growth with anti-inflammation and skin repair effect to reduce the risks of leaving scars, also help strengthen skin absorption, smooth wrinkles and shrink pores for skin rejuvenation effect.

[Package Included]

  • 1* Main Unit with Fixing Belt
  • 1* Remote Controller
  • 1* USB Cable



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