Powerful 5 in 1 USB Electric Shaver

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Efficient and Comfortable Shaving Experience You Always Wanted.

Powerful 5 in 1 USB Electric Shaver is men's latest best friend. You can use the electric shaver on any type of hair, both wet and dry. This electric razor is easy to clean, thanks to an integrated vacuum system that collects all the hair inside the shaver. Powerful 5 in 1 USB Electric Shaver is designed to fit your needs and make shaving more enjoyable.

Powerful 5 in 1 USB Electric Shaver has dual-way anti-allergic ultra-fine spherical cutting net and self-sharpening high-precision premium steel blade. Its hypoallergenic shaving foil makes it suitable for any skin type. The removable 5-knife flexible head and floating neck allows you to comfortably shave in any direction. This comes in handy when you need to get at those hard-to-reach and hard-to-see hairs.


  • 100% washable
  • Charger: USB
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • LCD light display: Charge reminder, battery power reminder, travel lock reminder, a washable reminder