Is there True Beauty?

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There is no beauty issue that cannot be solved. There is a Chinese proverb, “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”.  This simply means that you can beautify yourself however you wish to, just remember how Moon GA Young of the Chinese drama TRUE BEAUTY got herself famous for her beauty.

A few years back only salons were deemed competent enough to give you your favorite look, because, they kept their beauty secrets to themselves. But in today’s world, those tricks are no more a secret and new technologies have developed, which provide you with the best of products at the ease of your home.

These certified beauty items can make you look flawless. Even if you are born an ugly duckling, these can turn you into a beautiful swan.

Choosing from these beautifying tools can be tricky because money doesn’t grow on trees for sure so we think before spending, but we have got you covered as we present you with the best items available in the market which surely provide the best results.

We have covered the best products for your reviews and the first product on our list is,  


We must admit that epilators are painful, but this laser epilator is a blessing in disguise as it provides painless hair removal for longer period of time. It just takes seconds for its laser process and voila! You are done with the chosen part. Honestly speaking after using this product there is no looking back for any other hair removing way. Threading, waxing, plucking or shaving all are history. It reduces hair growth over number of sessions.

For buying the perfect IPL EPILATOR you need to focus on a few things, as in,

Number of flashes

Level of intensity

Number of mode

IPL Laser Epilator comes with 600000 flashes, which are quite a quantity. It has 8 intensity levels, starting from the weak hair and ranging to the toughest hairs, it covers all. It has two light emitting modes, one is single and the other one is continuous. The first one is used for smaller areas as upper lips, underarms, peach fuzz and bikini line and the latter is best for larger areas as thighs, legs, arms and back.


This product is a combination of all hair tools one can need to style their hair at home without paying heavy amount to salons. This has a hair dryer as well as the hair curler brush. A straightener and a simple brush tool.

One thing to notice here is that the hair dryers can’t be placed in close proximity of skin because they can burn the skin, but this miraculous product is not like the conventional dryers as it can be placed close to your scalp for drying and styling purpose and its unique shape is made for keeping the hair tangle free.

There is one more special property of this product that it releases negative ions, which are known to moisturize your hair and thus can keep your hair damage free all the while styling them.

And the property of this product we love the most is that it is such a time saver item. We are always in a hurry, whether it is getting in time to office or reaching timely to a party, we always try to save time to get ready quickly (which women can never be “chuckles”), its adjustable heat let you do the styling rather quickly.


I remember when I got my acne treatment done from the salon and had paid bunch of money for a treatment which was good for nothing. People claim to provide quality but they fail to do so. The product we are reviewing is not one of the above mentioned items. All what is required is consistency and you will get your desired results without paying much, in fact, I call this one-time investment where you can get results long after you have paid for.

This Acne Laser Removal Pen uses the thermal therapy along with the special light, which is not harmful unlike other acne removal therapies.

Often we succeed in removing pimples but the scars are left and we use tons of makeup products to hide them and pretend to have a healthy skin. This is a two in one product in this sense as it not only removes acne but also perform spot treatment for acne scars.

It has a new light technology with two light therapies where blue light works to prevent acne reappearance as well as pore minimizing and red light lightens acne scars.

Simply call it acne magic wand.


When we want to pamper ourselves and our skin we specially go to the spa for having those special steam to get the glow back to our skin, but our busy routines haven’t left enough time for us to do the self-care. But the Ionic Home Spa Facial Steamer is specially designed to provide you with such a wonderful experience, which is not less than a spa.

It has a special quality of producing Nano-vapor with negatively charged ionic water particles which deeply penetrates the skin, almost 10 times better than the normal spa.

This deeper penetration gives a glow to skin tone and unclog visible pores. It is also known for reducing acne scars and blackheads.

The loveliest quality of this product is that we can enjoy professional level spa at our home on the time we are free to avail one, without having long appointments and waiting lines.

One more thing is its pretty design which gives it the look of a chalice which is taken out of a magical land to do wonders in the world.


Could we believe a century ago that simply different colors of light can rejuvenate and nourish our skin? Probably not, but now this wonder can happen. We have on list this amazing and unthinkable product which thoroughly uses color light technology to help restore the skin to its original baby soft state in a reasonable amount of time with continuous use.

This LED 3 Colors Photonic Light Skin Care Facial Mask is made of ABS material which is a safe and proven technology. Its best known results are when it is used in combination with your regular face mask. In fact, it amplifies your masks results by the light therapy. The special Red, Yellow and Blue light can increase the collagen level, minimize pores and improves skin elasticity.

A special feature is that it can be connected with your phone to achieve better result.

You might get skeptical of its results, but try this on our recommendation, you won’t regret it.


We can do facials, cleansing and apply masks at home, but what are we afraid of doing at home? Yes, blackhead removal. No matter how effective black head remover we have got, we are still not sure we can do it properly just the way salon does.

This little baby which we going to introduce, is the magic to do blackhead removal at home, without going through pain of scraping your skin and afterward redness and soreness. It vibrates and thus removes blackhead more easily and in a painless manner.

Alongside blackheads it also removes the dead skin and acne. Vibration improves blood circulation giving a massage like effect to our skin and help reduce the fine lines and bring glow to the skin.

All in all, this product saves your frequent visits to salon for blackhead removal and also provide you with multiple other facilities. So if you are the one of the people who have black and white head issue, we recommend to give it a go for sure.


Does there exist a girl on planet who doesn’t love applying nail paint? I think this version was not created.

The trickiest part of nail paint application is not getting it smudged in way of drying. We do all our effort to keep our design in perfect condition, waiting between coats to get the first one properly dry, running water over nails, air drying them. Leave all the hassle and just get this cutie. It simply takes thirty seconds to get the coat dry so you can have perfectly manicured nails at home, saving you the cost of salon visits for nail art.

Its little size makes it portable which makes it suitable for travelling and even last minute party notifications.

This works on safe white light which is not harmful for our skin or eyes. No matter whether it is glue, pearl paints, high designs or simple nail paint, it effectively dries all of them in 30 seconds.

We suggest you to invest in this product to get perfect nail art at home.