Hair Trends that are Here to Stay

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Hair today, hair tomorrow! Today’s hairstyles are bringing the retro vibe with them with a fully modern flair. Which one of these will you dare to rock? 

Boyish bangs

Whether you already have bangs or have been thinking of going for them, the latest way to wear them is in choppy styles reminiscent of your favorite high school heartthrob. 

Bubbly sections

Ponytails with sections that are bubbled up in segments throughout the length are what’s hot now. And here you are kicking yourself for shouting at your mom for fudging up your sectioned ponytail back in the 80s! 

Clear hair accessories

The Chanel models made this look stick. It’s pretty chic and fun all at once. Get the look by finding clear, plastic hair accessories. Plus, if it rains, your hair will stay dry! 

Symmetrical barrettes

Barrettes are back in a big way. There are so many choices too with elegant and fun styles that will help you pin your hair away from your face. The look this year is to fasten them symmetrically just above your temples. Even shiny metallic bobby pins will do the trick and create the look! 

Cuts from yesteryear

Ready to change up your haircut? Look to the past for inspiration. Ends are flipping out again or being perfectly rolled under. Blunt cuts are back and it’s like the 90s has come back to show us all how it’s done. 

Scrunchies are back

Perhaps you snickered when you saw them in the hair accessories section at your favorite store, but snicker no more. Scrunchies are totally in right now with new modern styles that will make you want to wear them. To avoid looking dated though, you should fasten hair in a precise way and choose quality scrunchies made from luxurious materials to get the look of this century instead of looking like you dug the last remaining scrunchie from your old Caboodles box. 

Hooray for braids

And finally, it’s braids for the win. Every type of braid is back in season. If you’re busy braiding your daughter’s hair for school, save some time to add some braids to your hair too. Fishtails are especially popular on the runways. Not a master of braids? You can find loads of tutorial videos online that will help you make short look of this long-lasting look! You don’t need to braid your entire head. Half-up styles, braids that secure buns, and even a peek-a-book braid in a sea of stunning tresses is all you need to fit in. Don’t forget to add a bit of glam with a glitzy hair accessory to amp it up!