3 best ways to choose the right color lipstick to complement your skin

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Choosing the Right Color Lipstick to Complement Your Skin Tone

Ever buy a lipstick at the store because you loved the color only to come home, try it on and find it doesn’t look so hot on you?

Perhaps you love pink, but if it clashes with your skin tone, it’s doing you no favors. You’ve got to work with what you’ve got. But what if you don’t even know what an undertone is? No worries! Here’s how to master the art of finding the right lipstick shade to make you look your most beautiful! 

Figure out your undertone

All skin types have undertones, either yellow or pink. Pink is cooler while yellow is warmer. To discover if you’re warm or cool, take a look at the veins on your wrist. If they appear blue, your undertones are pink. Greener veins mean a warmer yellow undertone. If they look both blue and green, your skin tone is neutral which means you can get away with any lipstick color. 

Choose shades that go with your undertone

Once you’ve got your undertone sorted out, you can choose a lipstick shade that works well with it. With yellow undertones, you want warmer colors and with pink undertones, you want shades that incorporate purple or blue tones in them. No matter your undertone though, anything that looks too pale will make you look like you’ve been ill so avoid them. 

Go with skin tone if you’re not sure

Still having trouble with undertones? Then discover your skin tone to find flattering lipstick shades. There are three basic types: olive, fair, and dark. 

For olive skin tones, they are very neutral so just about anything will do. The best will be red, pink, orange or even nude shades. If you’re blessed with olive skin tones, try working with what you’re wearing to pull off the right look. So if you’re wearing something with warmer colors, choose a warmer and brighter shade. 

Fair skin can have some fun too. Bold reds or deep colors can really pop on you. Stay away from light colors though because they’ll make you look pale and drained. Dark skin does amazingly with deep, rich hues. Think berries or plums. The deeper the red, the better it will complement you. 

When looking for lipsticks at the store, bring your own stash of cotton swabs and run them along the sides of the tester where they haven’t touched someone else’s lips. You can then apply it to the underside of your wrist to see if it matches up, or even try it on for size. This will help you discover the right colors to use for your skin tone and get that luscious-lipped look you’re going for!

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