Acne-Causing Foods to Avoid for Clearer Skin

Posted by Fresh Dailies on

It doesn’t matter how devoted to your skincare you are. You can pamper it all you like, but if you’re not being good to your insides, it’s going to show on the outside. So when your face flares up with blotches of acne, take a good look at what you’re eating. 

Certain foods can trigger breakouts, leaving you with unsightly inflamed skin. There are a number of these foods that can be wreaking havoc on your skin so take a look at our list and see if one of these could be to blame. 

Skim milk

Milk seems like a healthy choice, right? Especially skim milk. But as you get older, your ability to digest dairy depletes. You could be lactose intolerant and not even know it except for what’s all over your face. Milk is filled with growth hormones too, and those remain even after it has been pasteurized. They can affect your hormones, resulting in more oil production and hence, more breakouts. 


Soda does you no favors whatsoever. It’s horrible for your health and can pack on excess pounds. But even worse, it can cause inflammation throughout your body and on your skin. Brimming with sugar, it can cause breakouts. Eating sugary things is slightly less upsetting for your body, but barely. Cut out the cola and start decreasing your overall sugar intake for clearer skin. 


Sorry, pizza. We love you, but the dairy on it plus the high content of saturated fat is a mega-foe. It’s all kinds of awful for your gut health and causes inflammation all over.

White bread

If you must eat breads, choose whole-grain versions without additives. White bread, bagels, pretzels, pasta, and cereal are all culprits for acne flare-ups. Whole grains stabilize insulin levels and help your body get the nutrients it needs. White bread is one of the least nutritious foods on the planet. Make the switch! 

Fast food

Stop swinging by the drive-thru on the regular. You’ll soon see your skin clear up. Fast food is void of nutritional elements, covered in excess oil, and causes inflammation. Yuck! 

Excess meat

You don’t have to give up meat entirely, but if you’re eating a lot of it, it can affect more than just your digestive health. It can have a huge impact on the way your skin looks. Try eating more plant-based meals instead and see how much more your skin glows. 

By keeping your diet in check, you can keep those unflattering flare-ups from fouling up your next night out. Beauty starts from within so take care of your inner health in order to shine beautifully on the outside.