6 Makeup Tips To Look Naturally Classy & Flawless.

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6 Makeup Tips To Look Naturally Classy & Flawless. 

From Angelina Jolie’s 2020 Oscars red carpet bold lips to Gal Gadot’s nude toned makeup Vogue cover, these elegant looks touch our heart and gives a strong urge to recreate these looks on ourselves. 2020 has brought marvelous makeup trends our way with smoky eyes and glittery lips.

To attain these subtle looks flawlessly, we have got you covered with these 6 flawless makeup tips which will enhance your natural beauty with minimum effort.


The Red Carpet staple, Matte lipstick. This is the latest trending lip style and the hostess shades are Red and Pink. Whether you have plump or scarce lips, Matte suits everyone.  

Recommendation: Stay All Day Soft Matte Square Lipsticks

Stay All Day Soft Matte Square Lipsticks

This smudge-resistant and bright shades, set of 12 lipsticks are a must-have for your vanity box. It comes with all the trending colors. So many shades to match whatever dress you wish to wear.


This trend started in 2016 and had every makeup guru gone gaga over it. It adds a touch of sparkle and shine to the face features which catches the attention immediately, giving a glow to your appearance. It also complements and brightens the sharp structure you've created for your face. 

Recommendation: Sace Lady Face Highlighter Cream Liquid Illuminator Makeup

Sace Lady Face Highlighter Cream Liquid Illuminator Makeup

Cream Liquid Illuminator has a beautiful texture that blends beautifully with the makeup, radiating a gleam on the skin with a celebrity look. This comes in three trendy colors. The plus is it can be used as a highlighter on the makeup or blended in the foundation to give a dewy look (which I find a very classy trend). It also can be used on lips to create a fuller lip.


Who does not love rosy cheeks? Whether graceful or lively features, every face needs a peachy or pinkish shade on for emitting radiance. A lighter shade on cheeks while a darker shade can be applied on the cheekbones for contouring. Blush-On is not just color it gives depth to your facial features. 

Recommendation: Bling Shimmer Blusher Mineral Powder Palette

 Bling Shimmer Blusher Mineral Powder Palette

These lively and shimmery shades flawlessly improve your looks immediately. A combo that provides 6 trendy shades, highly pigmented and long-lasting. Just a dab of brush and the stash of color on your face is noticeable. Powder them on the lip gloss to make it stay all night.


Eye makeup is the crux of all the effort you do on your face. Your eyes catch attention sooner than any other thing. Glossy and shimmery shades are in trend for a long time and it doesn’t seem they will go out of trend any sooner. Liquid eye shadows have made life a lot easier for shadow application. You need not worry about the falling shades on your cheeks and clearing them afterward. 

Recommendation: Metal Shimmer Glow Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow

Metal Shimmer Glow Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow

This highly pigmented shimmery and metallic liquid eye shadow is quite easy to apply with the pointed brush wand. Can be applied as an eyeliner as well with the help of its wand’s shape. All the available colors are desirable.


Eyelashes are in trend and are loved for their heaviness and volume. There are even beauty treatments provided by aestheticians to have voluminous eyelashes. But simple trick like curling your eyelashes before applying a good mascara also gives them a volumized look. Invest in a good lash curler and stride away from the hassle of lash extension. 

Recommendation: Divine Eyelash Foldable Lash Separator Comb

Divine Eyelash Foldable Lash Separator Comb

This stainless steel eyelash curler comes with a built-in eyelash separator comb. That comb helps in an even distribution of mascara without creating clusters in eyelashes. This is a two in one compact product that is enough for beautiful lashes.


Eyebrows were not in much focus of beauty experts but now bold and dark brow is a must. Those who are not blessed with heavy brows naturally tend to take the help of makeup products to make up for their scarce brows. Filling up brows with an identical shade of brow powder gives them a fuller and dark trendy look. 

Recommendation: Define Eyes Waterproof Liquid Eyebrow 4 Fork Tip Pen

Define Eyes Waterproof Liquid Eyebrow 4 Fork Tip Pen

This waterproof liquid eyebrow pen comes with a fork tip, having four brush heads. This gives you the ease of one application rather than multiple application to achieve the best brows. These brushes glide so smoothly over your brows creating and defining the lines without smudging them. Comes in 4 different colors to choose from to suit your brow color.

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